Kitchen Styles


A modern kitchen can encompass just about any style and finish, however there are a few traits that tend to set a “modern” kitchen apart from other genres.

Modern kitchens typically utilise modern appliances and finishes to accompany the cabinetry. Given that house designs are changing rapidly a modern kitchen should complement modern architecture, a houses position and its surroundings.


A country style kitchen as the name implies tends to incorporate a slight “farm house” or rural feel in its design and finishes. Some appliances, pots, pans and utensils are typically out and accessible rather than being stored away out of site when compared to a modern kitchen.

A country style kitchen will also typically utilise natural timber in its construction or as the benchtop instead of stone for example.


Hamptons kitchens in many ways is a blend of modern and classic/coastal kitchen design. Hamptons kitchens are typically very functional and welcoming and family friendly but have a casual beachy vibe that sets it apart from modern styling.

V grooved wall panelling/ door panelling or island back panels are small touches that are typical of a Hamptons design.

Hamptons kitchen typically utilise allot of white or limewashed looking panels to again enhance the beach aspect.

Hamptons Kitchen

French Provincial

French provincial as the name suggests originated in France but each region often puts its own “spin” on the style. This could be by using material that was readily available from the region or something from the area that may have set it apart from other regions.


Absolutely, we will meet with you to discuss your needs, your requested end result, kitchen styles and the various options there are when considering a new kitchen. From this discussion we will make primary designs for you to ensure we are understanding your needs. From this point our skilled draftsman and designer will turn this into a 2D/3D image so you can see what your kitchen will look like in real life.

NewCentral is here to help every step of the way, from design all the way through to a skilled installation. NewCentral will work in with any trades you may have involved on your project.

Absolutely – NewCentral has a huge amount of experience in areas of the house. Everything from beautiful walk in wardrobes, sensational laundries to bathroom vanities that will wow your guests, NewCentral can do it all.

NewCentral only uses the best hardware and materials in the manufacture of its kitchens.
Our hardware carries a lifetime warranty (Blum hardware), our cabinets carry a 10 year warranty for defects and our door fronts carry a 7 year warranty. A full list of warranted items can be supplied upon request.

This is very much a personal choice and can depend on the look or style of kitchen and joinery you are considering. In general stone benchtops are used in kitchens of higher finish and quality where Laminate benchtops tend to be installed in situations where a budget needs to be considered.

This is a very personal choice but ultimately can come down to the budget allowed for the area, the required finish, or the environment the area may be subjected to. Painted doors are the top of the line when it comes to door finish but the ever growing range of laminates are making laminate options increasingly popular and even a mix of both.

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