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Flat Panel Doors

About Flat Panel Doors

Flat panel doors are flat in their construction with no routing or design on the face of the door or drawer.  A flat panel door or drawer can have any number of finish  from a laminate all the way through to 2 pack polyurethane. Given the huge variety and combination of finishes a flat panel door or drawer can have a place in just about every style of kitchen 

Flat Panel Gallery

Finger Pull Doors

About Finger Pull Doors

Finger pull doors as the name suggests are designed around the door or drawer being able to be opened or closed without the use of a traditional handle. In the case of an overhead cupboard for example this can be as simple as the doors hanging down past the  bottom of the cupboard by 20 – 30mm to allow it to be opened. In the case of a base unit or low level for example this is typically an angled section at the top of the door or drawer to again allow it to be opened without using a handle. 

Finger Pull Gallery


Absolutely, we will meet with you to discuss your needs, your requested end result, kitchen styles and the various options there are when considering a new kitchen. From this discussion we will make primary designs for you to ensure we are understanding your needs. From this point our skilled draftsman and designer will turn this into a 2D/3D image so you can see what your kitchen will look like in real life.

NewCentral is here to help every step of the way, from design all the way through to a skilled installation. NewCentral will work in with any trades you may have involved on your project.

Absolutely – NewCentral has a huge amount of experience in areas of the house. Everything from beautiful walk in wardrobes, sensational laundries to bathroom vanities that will wow your guests, NewCentral can do it all.

NewCentral only uses the best hardware and materials in the manufacture of its kitchens.
Our hardware carries a lifetime warranty (Blum hardware), our cabinets carry a 10 year warranty for defects and our door fronts carry a 7 year warranty. A full list of warranted items can be supplied upon request.

This is very much a personal choice and can depend on the look or style of kitchen and joinery you are considering. In general stone benchtops are used in kitchens of higher finish and quality where Laminate benchtops tend to be installed in situations where a budget needs to be considered.

This is a very personal choice but ultimately can come down to the budget allowed for the area, the required finish, or the environment the area may be subjected to. Painted doors are the top of the line when it comes to door finish but the ever growing range of laminates are making laminate options increasingly popular and even a mix of both.

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